After relaxing, the main beach activity in Lovina is parasailing. You can almost walk all the way out to where the reefs are, pull with your mask, and do some skin dive. Where there is snorkeling, is actually inevitably Scuba diving as to tell the truth. Indonesia is a low-cost place a lot more about how to dive, and Lovina has a handful of nice di… Read More

This can be a most elegant water fallsof Yellapurdistrict. Nearest petrol bunk is present on the Hubli-Karwar tracks. The closest one is 30 kms away from Magod is prey. The best time to go to the falls is from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Be aware of yourself when you're trekking about the falls regrettably path could be slippery. To go to https://www.stab… Read More

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